What You Should Know About Cookie Consent Legal Compliance

Here is important information you should know about cookie law compliance:

  1. Implied consent does not comply with the cookie laws anymore. This means you cannot set personalized cookies, which are now personal data before the user has agreed to let you do so.
  2. An option to withdraw user consent must be always available.
  3. Consent should be unambiguous, which means a positive action should be taken by a user.
  4. Strictly necessary cookies can be still used for a website to function properly.

Benefits of a Great Cookie Compliance Software:

  • Control all your websites from one account, it has never been easier
  • Our cookie software will scan your website and automatically update your privacy page
  • Works on any website: Joomla, Shopify, WordPress, Magento, Wix, or any other. It can be set up with Google Tag Manager too.
  • Translate your cookie popup box to any language and it will automatically show up in the proper language
  • Cookie policy templates
  • Excellent support

Check Your Website

Check your website for cookie law compliance free of charge here: