Privacy Notice Protection and Compliance Package

Complying with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is no easy task. It can be challenging even for seasoned attorneys and privacy professionals.

If you are a website, mobile app, or software as a service owner, these and other strict privacy laws can put you at risk for legal liability and fines if you do not have a legally compliant privacy notice, disclosures, and other privacy-related documents in place.

As well as having a legally compliant website privacy notice, because of the new privacy laws, there are other documents you must have in place to comply with these new laws. And we offer these documents in a comprehensive Privacy Protection and Compliance Package.

Here is what is included in our custom Privacy Protection and Compliance Package:

  1. Legally compliant privacy notice (required by all privacy laws).
  2. Data subject access requests information and response forms, required by privacy laws.
  3. Data protection policy handbook (required by most privacy laws).
  4. A  general or specific disclaimer depending on your type of business.
  5. An audit of your website for problematic language and compliance concerns.
  6. Document posting instructions to comply with privacy law requirements.
  7. 1-hour consulting time to help you understand your privacy notice, documents, and to help you comply with privacy laws.


One time charge of $495
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